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Should you have information that you feel is relevant to her case please consider contacting the Tip Hotline at 508-453-7589 and contacting us.

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  • so sorry for your family. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Hopefully the ugly scum that in this is brought to Justice

  • Vanessa was a beautiful child who grew into quite an incredible young lady. The world lost a gem when she was taken from us all….She will be forever young and beautiful and will be sorely missed by all who loved her. May Vanessa and her family get the justice that is deserved. May Vanessa Rest in Peace, and may her family know they are in the thoughts and prayers of us all. Hugs.

  • I do not know Vanessa or your family, but after the news of her death I have been keeping your family in daily prayer. I can’t imagine your pain.
    May God comfort you in your sorrow and give you much grace, strength, peace and hope in the days ahead. He is a just God and justice shall prevail. I also pray this website will create awareness and help in finding the man who did this. God Bless you.

  • I, also, did not have the honor of knowing Vanessa. As a mother of two, my heart is broken for you all. Every single day, I pray for Our Lord to bring you some closure and comfort. From her pictures, Vanessa was a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. I do know with all my heart, the she in an Angel in Heaven. As for the monster that took your daughter away, I hope and pray that justice will prevail. I cannot wait for the day when this person must face Jesus and hears the words “Go to Hell”.

    RIP Vanessa…you are an Angel now. God Bless you.

  • I did not know Vanessa but, I pray they find the person responsible. Such a sad loss and so hard for a community who feels less safe with someone out there who belongs in prison.

  • As the sister of a murder victim, Theresa Corley Bellingham MA 1978, my heart broke for you and for Vanessa.
    As a family we let too many years pass, 38, to be exact, before we became more proactive looking for answers and seeking action on the part of law enforcement.
    I pray you will all have the stamina and this page is a great place to start. Keeping her in the public eye, reminding the one that hurt her that you are not giving up, is very powerful. Praying that you will see swift justice <3

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Vanessa’s family and friends. May God’s faithful love provide comfort for you. Prayers. 🙏🏻

  • I did not know Vanessa and do not know your family, however, i wanted to make a comment because I am still very shocked saddened and disturbed that this horrible thing occurred to a young girl in a quiet country area where everyone should be safe. I can’t imagine how hard it is for her parents & family to deal with this tragic loss. I am so sorry that you must endure this, i can’t imagine the pain & I hope i never have to know of it first hand.
    I hope they find the criminal who did this, he needs to be put away for life he is obviously a sick & dangerous individual. It’s disturbing to even have to think that there are people in the world like that and some of them are walking around free like Vanessa’s murderer is at this time.
    Peace & love is offered to you, to her loved ones especially the parents of this young woman.

  • May everyone that knew Vanessa find peace in their hearts and the strength to deal with this tragic loss. Vanessa seemed like an amazing woman. It angers me that she died doing what she loved to do, by some crazy psycho who right now is plotting his next attack. I am surprised with all the tech, the police cannot track the suspect through who was connected to nearby cellphone towers or by some other similar capability. I hope the police do find this monster soon, and some kind of justice can be served. My prayers are with everyone involved.

    – From a girl only a few years older

  • May her father find the strength to persever. I keep thinking Vanessa seemed so much like my daughter all though we did not know Vanessa. I know it could happen to anyone’s daughter, Amen to A concerned citizen.

  • John, our friendship was many years ago, when I was married to B.A., and you were dating D.N. Time and life never offered up the chance for me to meet or know Roseanna or Vanessa, but that had no bearing on the impact my heart felt in hearing of this dreadful tragedy. I am so sorry for yours and Roseanna’s loss, and realize that mere words can do nothing to absorb the pain and grief you both must carry. I join you in the hope of finding justice for your daughter, and will continue to pray to that end.

  • I knew Vanessa from her workplace at WordStream. I worked closely with her and got to know her fairly well. She was a great young woman who loved to give back and knew what she had to do in this world. I’m devastated that she’s gone.

  • My heartfelt thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Rest assured, the person that did this, will be found. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your daughter with us.

  • Vanesssa you were a beautiful person inside and out. Having known you was a privilege and I pray every day they find your killer and give you the justice you deserve. My heart goes out to your mom & dad and your whole family. ❤️️

  • Vanessa’s aunt stopped in front of our home the night she was found in her search for her niece before the police arrived. We felt her pain, and I just want the family to know that my family has never stopped praying for resolution in this tragic situation. Your quiet neighbors around the corner, and your neighbors on every corner and street in Princeton, and towns and cities far beyond and across the ocean are supporting you with sympathy, loving care, and hope. Good is more powerful that evil, and it will prevail. In the meantime, thousands now know what an exception and caring person Vanessa was and still is, and that can only have a positive and powerful impact on our often-troubled world.

  • Since the day of that tragic death and the
    Jogger from New York karina vetrano
    I pray every single day so that the police
    Can capture the evil monters that did
    This to these beautiful women.
    God bless vanessa and karina in heaven,
    God bless their families.

  • My Daughter Amanda was brutally murdered on August 26th, 2011….. I waited 2 years, 2 months and 10 days before an arrest was made. We waited almost another 3 years before a conviction. I can tell you that the pain never goes away but the days to tend to get easier. Please know that I truly understand what you are going through.

  • My Prayers to your family, friends and loved ones. May the person that did this to you forever burn in Hell. You were a beautiful young lady with such a bright future ahead of you, It’s so hard for me, a stong believer in God, to understand how things like this happen. May your soul rest in peace and may you be judged by the Lord Himself and may he walk you through the doors of Heaven. May God also help your loved ones cope with this senseless tragedy.

  • May I offer my sincerest condolences on the loss of your beautiful daughter. Although no words can begin to fill the void you feel, I want to tell you that since your daughter was taken, my wife who is also an avid jogger and walker has finally, (after years) heeded my advice to carry pepper spray. One small example of your daughters legacy continuing in a positive way. May your grief pass quietly and be replaced by memories of happier days.

  • I’ve been so Deeply Saddened since this Beautiful Girl Vanessa was taken away by this Monster a Non Human Being, there has not been a day that I haven’t thought of Vanessa and her loving & caring family and I do keep them in my prayers every single day, the Lord don’t want us to judge, but there will be a place in Hell for this Sick Evil Non Human Being that did this, he doesn’t have the right to live, but they will come a day that he will be found, with strong prayers, the Lord will give Justices to Vanessa & her Family, I didn’t know Vanessa personally, but from her pictures I can tell she was a loving & caring person, and I can’t even imagine what the family is going through, it Totally Breaks My Heart for them, May God Give Them Strength & Know that the Day will Come that this Non Human Thing will be Caught & Locked up for Good, May God Bless & Give Strength & Peace to Vanessa’s Family & Friends.

  • Eric from southeastern Ohio
    While I did not know Vanessa I couldn’t help but notice that there were 2 young vibrant exceptionally beautiful young women who both were murdered in eerily similar circumstances. I pray that this is solved and the monster responsible is brought to justice. More so I pray that said monster has to face and answer to her family & friends.
    Having a daughter myself I cannot fathom the despair and utter terror this family has endured and will continue to endure so long as this remains unsolved and peace/healing is not within grasp.
    The one thing that can be learned from both tragedies is that anyone, but especially women, who plans on jogging please be hyper aware of your environment and above all leave the headphones at home! It is impossible to defend yourself from one you cannot see OR HEAR coming from behind. I love music just as much as anyone but when I’m out in public I refuse to dampen my senses and I hope that people will start leaving their earbuds at home. I pray that this nightmare is brought to an end and the family can try to find peace. I applaud the foundation & keeping her brilliant light lit for generations to come to recognize and follow her lead.

  • Thank You, Eric for addressing headphones !!! I have totally agreed for years that they should be LEFT AT HOME !!! Women need to be aware of their surroundings. And I would like to address dogs. I have a big strong dog and I think we expect too much from them. Since this horrific tragedy, I carry pepper spray when walking or jogging — with or without my dog. I know my dog would be protective but what would he be able to do if there were 2 men ? Or if one sick, violent , evil “creature” hurt my dog as well ? The coyotes in my area are no longer the creatures I fear. I fear the sick, twisted , evil “creatures” like the one who stole Vanessa from her family and stole her life from her. So, when out for a walk / jog ….pepper spray is in the palm of my hand. I am praying every day that the police find this sick, twisted , evil “creature” . Praying every day — all day —-

  • I heard about this tragedy today. I never met Vanessa, but our interests/hobbies are very similar and I believe if I had the pleasure of meeting her, we would be friends. I hope they catch the warped, evil person who did this. I cannot believe this tragedy occurred in broad daylight in a small town with her doing such an innocuous thing as jogging. My heart breaks for her. I’m a woman who is only 1 year older and who also likes to work on my fitness in nature. It’s something I take for granted. I will pray to God everyday that this monster is caught and that Vanessa can rest in peace.

  • Many heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Vanessa’s family and friends. I was at school with Vanessa at Bancroft and although I did not know her well, she always seemed like a very nice, intelligent person. I can’t imagine the pain and sadness her family feels in this awful tragedy, but I hope that they find her killer and bring him to justice. I also hope they can smile in thinking of memories with her, and the beautiful person she was.

  • Words can not describe your loss. My niece was muredred 1 year ago on her graduation night. We will never know why these things happen. I’m still very sad for my Bailey and she will never be forgotten. Prays and strength for your entire family.

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